Welcome to Boxkik

Boxkik is a full service strategic communications agency headquartered in London, with a network of affiliates in the Middle East and Australasia.

So often the term ‘strategic communications’ is used without giving any thought to what it actually means. For us, ‘strategic communications’ is just that, being strategic about the way you want or need to communicate to a particular audience.

The Boxkik team is largely made up of former journalists and as such, we have a REAL insight into what works for the media and how to get the best results. We won’t tell you want you want to hear, but we will always tell you what you need to hear. We find our clients value our honesty and insight and that level of client / supplier trust, is what enables us to deliver the sorts of results that mean our client retention relationship is one of the highest in the industry.

For enquiries email tony@boxkik.com or call 07772 615113

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